New Treatment: Photo-Dynamic Therapy


I am very excited to introduce new advanced revolutionary non-invasive treatments based on skin stimulation, rejuvenation and repair. 
Introducing the Photo Dynamic System. The first High Density Diode LED mask plus light activated skincare technology. Until now our medical grade system has only been offered by doctors and dermatologists. It’s now available in our treatment rooms!!! 
For exceptional results we combine 4 dynamic therapies:
  1. Resurfacing Peel
  2. Photo-Therapy-High Density Diode LED Mask
  3. Dynamic Therapy-Light activated Concentrates
  4. Prescriptive Homecare-Advanced Daily Treatment Boost.   
A course of 4 – 8 treatments will be recommended to suit your skins needs. For optimum results your course should be taken at 2 treatments per week for 2 – 4 weeks.
We offer 4 Advanced Photo – Dynamic Therapy Treatments:
  1. Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation: A Global action for all signs of ageing. Your skin becomes smooth, plump, full and firm with more even texture and colour.
  2. Rosacea & Sensitive Skin: A gentle oxygenating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory treatment for sensitive skin and rosacea. Your skin becomes calm, less inflamed, smooth and more even in colour. Over time it becomes strong and more able to defend itself against the causes of sensitivity and visible signs of rosacea.
  3. Pigmentation & Dark Spots: An effective treatment to reduce exciting pigmentation marks and prevent the formation of new ones. Your skin becomes smooth and plump with a more even hue.
  4. Acne & Blemished Skin: A powerful oxygenating treatment which destroys bacteria in acne. Bacteriostatic, anti microbial and anti-inflammatory. Your skin looks soothed and calm. It’s better equipped to care for itself and scar tissue begins the healing process.