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Trained at The Jemma Kidd School of Makeup in London, I understand the importance of adding those finishing touches to your special occasion. Makeup applied professionally not only makes your experience memorable but also gives you a flawless and radiant look that will last all day.

BRIDE – Trial | 90 Minutes | £50
BRIDE – On the wedding day | 45 Minutes | £55
MOTHER OF THE BRIDE OR GROOM – Trial | 60 minutes | £45 each
MOTHER OF THE BRIDE OR GROOM – On the wedding day | 45 minutes | £45 each
BRIDESMAID – Trial | 60 Minutes | £45 each
BRIDESMAID – On The Wedding Day | 45 Minutes | £45 each
FRIENDS / FAMILY MAKEUP On The Wedding Day | 45 Minutes | £45
TRAVEL/TIME | there is a small charge from time lost from my salon during travelling, this would depend on distance.

SPECIAL OCCASION MAKEUP Prom/Birthday/Graduation | 60 Minutes | £45 | £55 including strip lash application


Wedding packages are available to large bridal parties, please ask for details.

MAKEUP LESSON | 90 Minutes | £70
This is perfect if you are interested in refreshing your makeup palette and techniques if you have been stuck in a rut and want to renew your skills and pick up practical and useful tips. Ideal as a gift for someone special.

A great gift for all ages, maybe a teen party or a makeover to make you or a loved one feel glamorous. Please call to enquire for your personal tailored package.


A flexible lightweight gel product that is kind to nails, whilst giving a beautiful and natural finish. Can be applied as a protective overlay to strengthen nails or to lengthen short or broken nails.
FRENCH OVERLAY Application | 90 Minutes | £46
CLEAR OVERLAY with Shellac Coat | 90 Minutes | £43
FULL SET Sculptured Nails | 90 Minutes | £55
Nail Art from £3.00

CND SHELLAC Manicure and Pedicure
Choose from 83 + fashion – inspired colours, applied like a normal nail polish with 14 + days of high – performance wear, stunning crystal shine and zero drying time. No nail damage and incredible 5 minutes removal.
MANICURE | File and Polish | 60 Minutes | £30
PEDICURE | File and Polish | 60 Minutes | £30
LUXURY PEDICURE | Foot Spa | File and Polish | Massage | 75 Minutes | £45
REMOVAL | 15 Minutes | £5

CALLUS PEEL Foot Treatment
A four-step treatment that signs hard calluses, treats dry skin and cracked heels, leaving the skin soft and smooth. You will see the difference immediately. * Ideal for men and women
HEEL or UPPER FOOT Treatment * | Massage | 45 Minutes | £25
HEEL Treatment | Luxury Pedicure | 90 Minutes | £50
HEEL & UPPER FOOT Treatment | Luxury Pedicure | 90 Minutes | £60

Nail and Hand Tidy | Exfoliation | Cuticle Removal | Buff and File | 45 Minutes | £20
Foot Care | Foot Soak | Exfoliation | Cuticle Removal | Massage | File | 45 Minutes | £30


I use a Lavender Creme Wax, with all the calming, soothing properties of lavender to treat the most sensitive skin. Each treatment is finished off with a Katherine Daniels Post-Depilation application, this after-wax treatment works to moderate hair re-growth, reduce the quantity and quality of the hair, helps reduce the problem of in-growing hairs and makes waxing less painful.

FULL LEG & Bikini | 45 Minutes | £35
HALF LEG & Bikini | 30 Minutes | £25
HALF LEG | 20 Minutes | £16
BIKINI | Basic | 15 Minutes | £10
BIKINI | Brazilian | 30 Minutes | £20
EYEBROW | Reshape | 20 Minutes | £12
EYEBROW | Tidy | 15 Minutes | £8
LIP | 15 Minutes | £6.50
CHIN | 15 Minutes | £10
LIP & CHIN | 30 Minutes | £15
CHIN JAW & NECK | 30 Minutes | £15
FORE ARM | 30 Minutes | £15
LOWER BACK | 15 Minutes | £10
MENS BACK | 20 Minutes | £25
MENS CHEST | 20minutes | £25
MENS EYEBROW TIDY | 15 Minutes | £12


All treatments that include the symbol * require a 24 hour patch test prior to the treatment.

Hello Henna is the art of colour, being able to create bespoke eyebrow and lash treatments for both men and women. Henna will give your brows and lashes a gorgeous, stunning and glamour makeover. All Henna products do not contain any traces of ammonia.


EYELASH TINT * | 30 Minutes | £15
EYEBROW TINT * | 15 Minutes | £10
EYELASH & EYEBROW TINT * | 30 Minutes | £18.50
EYELASH LIFT & TINT * | 60 Minutes | £45

“Nichola worked her magic on our wedding party last Saturday and I can’t thank her enough. My daughter Kate had a trial with her a couple of months ago in preparation for the big day and we were totally confident that Nichola would not only make us look great but would add to the fun of the morning preparations with her lovely personality, we weren’t disappointed. As she worked her way through the bridal party all you could hear was ‘oh wow’ as we all looked in the mirror for the first time. She even managed to transform this mother of the bride who hadn’t managed more than 3 hours sleep the night before to a person with radiance! A massive confidence boost and a great start to a day of fun.”

Anne Jones

“Nichola what can I say but the biggest thank you in the world you made me feel so beautiful for the most amazing day of our lives, my bridesmaids and mom looked amazing we had so many comments on the day. Nichola you kept me calm on the day and from the first time of meeting you nothing was too much trouble. Nichola is one amazing person and every bride needs to have her on their big day, I can’t thank you enough. Sending all my love and best wishes. YOU ARE A STAR!”

Melissa Hunter

“Nichola did my make-up for my wedding day, as well as my mums and bridesmaids. From the moment I met Nichola (at the trial) I could tell she was an extremely good professional. Nichola gave me and my bridesmaids some great advice. I felt really comfortable and welcomed and on the morning of my wedding, Nichola made us all feel very relaxed during preparations! Nichola is really friendly and makes you feel so comfortable. She made me look very very glamorous, my make-up was done so beautifully, I couldn’t have asked for anymore 🙂 

Bella Boneham

“What a truly fantastic beauty therapist. Totally professional, friendly and most of all fab at what she does. Having moved recently Oxford I still return to Nicki for my treatments as I can not find anyone whom is as good as she is. She is well worth the Journey back to Shrewsbury. Must also say your treatment room is a truely amazing experience- well done.”

Linda Wright

“There aren’t enough words to say how fantastic Nichola is! Having never had my make up done by a professional before, I cannot recommend Nichola highly enough. Nichola you made me feel beautiful on my wedding day alongside my mum and bridesmaid and I the eyelashes you did for me….wow! “

Jane Whitfield

“Thank you so much for being such a star on my wedding morning. Not only did you transform me (just shows what good make up can do!), you were a delight to have around. There are official photos which I chuckle at every time I see them as I can remember exactly what it was you said or did to make me laugh. I am so pleased you were recommended – I was very dubious about having makeup done & now I’ll be in touch at the drop of a hat if I have somewhere special to go!”

Lesley Munro

“Nichola is a total perfectionist, she is meticulous in every detail, nothing is too much trouble. A total professional who is not only a brilliant therapist, her treatments are divine, she also possesses the skills of a true artist when she weaves her magic when applying make-up. Nichola’s salon is beautiful, elegantly furnished, spotlessly clean and well laid out. A visit to Nichola is a truly pleasurable experience not only for her wonderful treatments but also for the fact that she is a lovely bubbly lady who always makes you feel most welcome and ALWAYS makes me feel like a million dollars! I cannot recommend Nichola Witcombe-Tant highly enough.. long may she reign!!! Julia Corfield”

Julia Corfield

“I would personally like to say thank you to you from the bottom of my heart for how amazing you were on my wedding day. Right from when you got there to when you left, you put us all at ease and made us feel very relaxed. You fitted in perfectly with my girls and made each and every one of them feel special. It was truly a magical day for us and you couldn’t of done my make up more perfectly. It was exactly how I wanted it to be and everyone commented on how beautiful we all looked. We are so grateful for the time, effort and hard work you put into making the morning of my wedding magical. 4th July 2017”

Jadie Hawkins


I have chosen to use KATHERINE DANIELS COSMETICS for my facials and body treatments, I stock a full range of KD retail products to ensure my clients achieve results and maximise the in-salon treatments I provide.

Conceptually a British skincare brand, offering a collection of salon treatments and home care products for face and body, lovingly developed by two British women. Designed to treat the most common skin types and condition, whilst taking into consideration client lifestyle, environment and our British climate.
Katherine Daniel’s is a marine-based range with additional power of active ingredients coming from plants, combined with the very best that science has to offer, Katherine Daniels take full advantage of the latest techniques for combining highly technical ingredients to give you the very best anti-ageing results, offering you undeniable effectiveness from the very first application.

The ultimate add-on treatment to enjoy while you’re having your manicure or pedicure. Ideal for the pre-special occasion.
The skin around your delicate eye area will look visibly luminous, plumped and smooth and will feel hydrated, firm and revitalised. After just one treatment you could see results up to:
70% reduction in wrinkles
85% revitalised skin
80% plumped up skin

This treatment will deliver energising and firming minerals to increase moisture levels and plump the skin, giving wrinkle reduction of up to 27% and a translucent radiance you never thought possible in just 40 minutes. Ideal as an express skin overhaul.

Tailor-made to give your skin a substantial treat, ideal when time is of the essence. Includes exfoliation, massage and mask to suit your skin’s needs.

A deluxe treatment for your eye area to reduce puffiness and dark circles and capture every smile and frown line. Your complete eye area will be revitalised, hydrated, plumped and bright. For long-term effectiveness you could see results with up to:
70% reduction in wrinkles
85% revitalised skin
80% plumped up skin

A treatment developed for fragile and sensitive skin issues. Your skin will be calmed, soothed, strengthened and Moore able to defend itself against premature ageing. You will be indulged in 60 minutes of pure bliss, while your skin receives the ultimate result-driven treatment.

For long-term effectiveness, a course of treatments will be recommended depending on your skin’s needs.

A double mask treatment packed full of powerful superfoods, rich in cell-protecting antioxidants along with Vitamin C for skin luminosity and boost your collagen and elastin production.

FucoWhite will regulate patchy pigmentation or even skin tone. After one treatment your skin’s youth mechanisms will be ignited, your skin will be perfectly hydrated and luminous in appearance with a more even colour and perfected complexion. For long-term effectiveness, or to treat patchy pigmentation, a course of treatments will be recommended depending on the needs of your skin.

THE DEEP CLEANSING SKIN FACIAL Treatment | 60 Minutes | £45
A treatment developed to deep cleanse and detoxify your skin, leaving you looking dewy and luminous with a refined skin texture and reduction in pore size. You will be indulged in 60 minutes of pure bliss while your skin receives the ultimate result-driven treatment.

* Not recommended for sensitive, couperose skins

A treatment developed to hydrate the skin and re-activate the natural oil levels if they are underachieving. Your skin will be hydrated, supple and smooth, open pores reduced, fine lines plumped and more able to defend itself against premature ageing. Your skin will be indulged in 60 minutes of pure bliss, while your skin receives the ultimate result-driven treatment.

For long-term effectiveness, a course of treatments will be recommended depending on your skin’s needs.


THE VELVET SKIN Treatment | 30 minutes | £35
This treatment will ensure dry skin is exfoliated away, followed by a finishing cream to suit your skin’s needs. You will be left with velvety soft and supple skin all over. Ideal as a pre-holiday treatment or pre-special occasion session.

THE VELVET SKIN BODY Treatment & Full Body Massage | 60 Minutes | £60
This treatment will ensure dry skin is exfoliated away before you enjoy a full body massage and finishing cream to suit your skin’s needs.

THE MUSCLE DE-STRESS Treatment | 60 minutes Back, Neck & Shoulders | £45
This treatment will ease tension, relax muscles and help to relieve stress. Four-phase luxurious treatment including exfoliation, massage, a warming detoxifying mask with a finishing balm to nourish and hydrate your skin. Ideal for men and women.

DEEP CLEANSING BACK Treatment | 60 Minutes | £55
A relaxing treatment to deep cleanse and detoxify your back and shoulders. blocked pores will be released, leaving your back smoother and decongested.
Also ideal for a pre and post-self-tanning and pre-special occasion. Ideal for men and women.

Choose from a deep tissue Swedish Massage or a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage, a tailor-made treatment to suit individual needs. Envelope yourself with the healing powers of essential oils to soothe away life’s stresses and relax tense muscles or increase the lymph circulation and breakdown hard fat areas to reduces the signs of cellulite. Ideal for men and women.
FULL BODY | 90 Minutes | Includes Scalp and Chest| £70
FULL BODY | 60 Minutes | £60
BACK, NECK & SHOULDERS | 45 Minutes | £45
BACK, NECK &SHOULDERS | 30 Minutes | £35

A complete mind, body and soul experience using Basalt Stones. The soothing heat from the stones work deeper into tense muscle tissue than conventional massage. A truly luxurious holistic treatment. Ideal for men and women.
FULL BODY | 90 Minutes | Includes Scalp and Chest | £75
FULL BODY | 60 Minutes | £60
BACK, NECK & SHOULDERS | 45 Minutes | £50

A Deep Tissue Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage with Indian Head Massage. Relieves tension, headaches, insomnia, mental tiredness, eye strain, anxiety and much more. Ideal for men and women


The worlds first non-toxic and organic tan, free from paragons, perfume, alcohol, and all chemicals of concern. Contains certified organic ingredients that nourish and condition the skin that fades gradually like a real suntan. A celebrity favourite worn on the red carpet actresses and a self-tanner of choice for the worlds top spas including George V Paris, St Regis, Vicerory, Ritz-Carlton and Burj Al Arab.

FULL BODY SPRAY TAN | 20 Minutes | Lasts 5-7 days | £25

Supporting my Vita Liberata Spray Tanning Treatment I stock a wide collection of home-care products to prolong your tan, products including, self-tanning night mask, serum and bronzing power, Instant HD skin finish Body Blur for the body, masking blemishes and reflects light for a photo-ready finish. Please ask for details on my retail products.

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