Microblading Special Offer

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Microblading is a permanent eyebrow technique using a handheld tool to create light, wispy hair strokes. Excellent for those who have spent years over plucking to keep updated with past brow fashions, or for those who would simply like to add more definition and shape to existing brows. Clients with medical conditions or thin hair growth will also benefit from this treatment. If you feel conscious about your face attributes or have undergone some medical treatment, which has resulted in loss or thinning of eyebrows, Microblading is the best choice. It is one of the latest trends in the fashion and make-up industry.
If you are considering Microblading eyebrows, check out some of the top advantages listed below:


Long-Lasting Results

This non-invasive process offers fantastic lasting results. After your initial treatment, it is recommended to refresh your pigment colour every 12-18 months to keep brows looking there best. This time scale would depend on a few factors such as skin type, and treatment aftercare.


Hassle-free and Low Maintenance

Finally, there is no need for touching up brows with cosmetic products, one of the main reason I had my own brows Microblading was to achieve perfect and beautiful brows permanently, no need to dash to the mirror every morning to spend time drawing them in any longer, and when swimming in the pool on holiday or at the gym, I don’t need to worry if my brows had disappeared! I can now have flawless brows permanently whether I’ve just woken up in the morning, swimming on holiday or exercising!


Painless, Safe and Effective

You can get the right shape for your eyebrows in a virtually painless manner. Microblading produces natural-looking semi-permanent eyebrows and is completely safe too. I am a fully trained technician and hold a tattooing licence that is required by law, this means I have been checked by the environmental health and follow all the regulations required to contain health and safety for me and my clients. If you are considering having Microblading, make sure your practitioner is certificated.


Natural Looking Results

It is nearly impossible to spot a difference between a natural eyebrow and a micro-bladed one. The best Microblading makeup clinics in the industry know how to use this technique to their advantage and give customers the desired look.


Quick Process

The best part of the process is that you don’t need to hide inside the house due to swollen skin, bandages, cuts etc. With Microblading, you get immediate results. You’ll be impressed with the impact of these eyebrows. This cosmetic procedure does not demand any time for recovery. You can have an appointment for the procedure in the morning and get back to work immediately afterwards. Please be aware, there is some aftercare advice that will need to be followed to ensure your brows heal perfectly.