COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Control in the Work Place

High standards of hygiene within my salon have always been of the up most importance to me, It is my priority to safeguard my own health and also the health of my clients in order to protect from infection.

My salon holds a licence that is required by law to carry out treatments. This means that I have been checked by the environmental health and follow all regulations required to contain health and safety for myself and my clients in the work place.

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus and looking at re-opening my salon in the near future, I have recently carried out an online course on COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Control In The Work Place and now hold a Guild Training International Qualification, this is on display in my salon for you to see when you are able to visit me when things get back to normal, what ever normal will be after this craziness is over!?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting my small business and will look forward to seeing you in the near future.

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