Exfoliation… Let’s Talk Skin Care

Be honest, how many of you regularly slough off your dead skin cells once a week?
Exfoliation is a really great anti-ageing product for those of us who need it. Removing dead skin cells will encourage the production of new ones and work to speed up the regeneration cycle of the skin cells too.
A question we get asked often is can you over exfoliate the skin? The answer is YES, so limit it to once a week unless you think you really need it.

Here’s why we say yes. When you remove the dead skin cells, it takes the skin a few days to get another surface layer of dead cells, if you exfoliate every day, the worry would be that you remove not only the dead cells but you may also damage the healthy cells that the dead ones are attached to.


When should start exfoliation?

May/June are the perfect months to prep your skin with treatments such as the Velvet Skin Body Treatment. Tanning and waxing treatments will be more effective and home care such as the Firming Hydrating Cream and the Nourishing Hydrating Balm will also be more effective on the skin, simply by not having to fight through dead skin cells.

Katherine Daniels Gentle Oil and Salt Exfoliation

This beautiful body exfoliating product is made up of three different size Sea Salt grains from around the world, blended with Essential Oils. We use three different size grains for the ultimate exfoliation at different levels in the skin, so the largest grains take off the really superficial cells, the mid-size grains work deeper and the tiniest grains get right down and dislodge dead cells at the lowest level.

The Oils in the Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator; Lavendin, Petitgrain, Cypress, Geranium, Rosemary & Chamomile will nourish your skin as well as being calming and relaxing, making for a luxurious body treatment.

When can I expect to see results?

The results are instant using this product, your skin will feel instantly smooth, silky, perfectly nourished and supple.
If there’s one body product you simply can’t be without, this is it. This early summer is the perfect time to include this professional body product as part of your skincare routine!

Katherine Daniels Gentle Oil and Salt Exfoliator is such an amazing skincare product, it also is an AWARD WINNER at PERFECT WEDDING, winning BEST BRIDAL BEAUTY BUYS.

Please contact me for more details about this product, I have plenty in stock ready for pre-summer treatments!

Body Exfoliation