A Makeup Artist’s Tips for Preparing the Skin for Brides During Autumn/ Winter


As a wedding makeup artist, I know only too well the importance of beautiful healthy skin. We use terms such as “the radiant bride”, meaning glowing, luminous and gorgeous. What we are acknowledging is not only the beautiful bride but also her perfect skin! But how do we achieve stunning skin that will hold a makeup application in place from the moment bridal makeup is applied to the very last dance of the wedding night?

Even though a wedding is a happy occasion planning such a big event comes with its stresses, if you have set the date you may already know what I’m talking about, after all, it’s going to be one of the most important days of your life ….. No pressure! As a bridal makeup artist, I have to be at the head of my game and start preparing brides well before their big day. Ensuring brides are armed with the tools for incredible looking skin, ensuring that they look and feel fabulous on their wedding day!

Stress is a big factor when it comes to the way our skin looks, but on top of this we also have the cold autumn and winter months ahead to consider, I know the wind, cold, rain and central heating will play havoc with the best of skins if its not protected in the right way. So how do we avoid loss of radiance, dull lifeless looking skin during these coming months?


It’s Time for Some Change of Season SOS

I would advise layering your products, this will help enormously. (Think of the amount of clothing you wear in the winter to the summer and apply the same theory to the protection of the skin). Following this philosophy, we need to ensure that the correct products are being used for your skin type, using corrective concentrates and facial creams is a must and treating skin like the valuable organ that it is.


Exfoliation Is Key!

We need to exfoliate 1-2 times weekly, skin will look brighter, feel softer and by doing so all of the other products applied will be able to release their active ingredients into the skin as there is not “dead skin crust” blocking their entrance. Removing the old cells will encourage new cell growth and a healthy skin renewal process. Exfoliators are amongst the best natural anti-ageing products as they keep the skin regenerating in a more youthful way. This means better results!


Analysing your own skin can be difficult, I would advise booking a free consultation appointment or a Katherine Daniels educational facial, during this time I can help you understand what type of skin you have and give tips on ways to look after it, I will also give you plenty of Katherine Daniels skincare samples to use to try out, I can guarantee you will be delighted with the results from this amazing skincare brand. I stock the full range of Katherine Daniels retail products to make life earlier for my clients.

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